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Jan-Tore Saltnes is a Norwegian singer who is most known for being one of the three members of Nordic Tenors.


Six years old he started making his first songs, and a couple of years later his father taught him the first three chords on the guitar. He sang in the local church's youth choir while making 20 MC's of a hybrid of metal and folk together with his younger brother Geir.


In 1994 he joined the prestigious male choir Gli Scapoli. They won an international choir contest in Sweden and were nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. At the same time Saltnes also made electronic dance music.

1997-2002 he studied music performance (voice) at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and was awarded top grade on his exam. Simultaneously Saltnes was singing in the boyband State who was signed to Universal Music.

In 2005 Saltnes joined Nordic Tenors, who combined a wide specter of musical genres with humor and high musical quality. The trio made great success in Bergen with 45 shows the same year, and in 2006 they were awarded a Norwegian comedy award. The following years they were  royal musical toastmasters at HM King Harald VII's 70th birthday and they opened the new opera house in Oslo. Today they have approx 80 concerts a year and have one of the most successful Christmas tours in Norway.

Saltnes has given voice to more than 30 albums and several movies, and he has sung with artists like Sissel Kyrkjebø, Seigmenn, Bryn Terfel, Jahn Teigen and Silje Nergaard. His solo albums move between different musical genres like pop, folk, gospel and musical theatre. He has participated in lots of Tv-programs like Beat for Beat, The Norwegian Grammy Award, Kvelden før kvelden, Eurovision Song Contest (MGP Norway) and Sommeråpent, and in 2021 he released his fourth solo album.

2020 & 2022 he participated in Eurovision Song Contest (MGP Norway) as an author/composer.

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