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now 169,-(appr.$20)  

The album "Source of love" contains new catchy pop songs and moving ballads like "You are beautiful", "Where are you now?" and a new version of the no.1 hit "Remember my name". The album is modernly produced with with excellent musicians from Norway and Nashville.

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Preorder this package before the 24th of january and get our best offer. Get the new album "Source of love" together with "Sweet dreams" for only 269,-

"Sweet Dreams" is a warm and uplifting album with songs from the top shelf from one of the great voices of Nordic Tenors. Here you can listen to songs like "Håll mitt hjärta", "Love eternally", "You are so beautiful" and "Bring him home" with a voice that has been compared with David Phelps´.

before 338,-      now 269,-(appr.$32)  save 69,-



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